Thursday, December 22, 2005

I think I'm hallucinating something fierce.

All I did was change the channel. Honestly.

There are these strange Chinese people singing Italian opera with dancing disembodied leather gloves dancing about with swords and a little kid with a nightingale trapped in a cellphone and fat prophets in Chinese lanterns flying about the place being dusted by feather dusters held by nobody and it is all so bloody bizzare. And there are subtitles. Apparently some emperor wants to hear the nightingale sing. Who sounds frighteningly like Brightman if you ask me. "The moon and stars fill my eyes". Now there are floroscent ducks with little clapping hands inside them. A very non-Chinese woman has appeared and is singing to a bunch of helmets. Now there's some sort of lazer show with urns. Oh God, I'm losing my mind. What the hell IS this?!

Never watch PBS when you're sick.

I need Vicks.


Anonymous said...


Btw, it would interest you to know (speaking of chinese ppl) that I have finished reading Memoirs of a Geisha (which is set in Japan, close enough) and you will be very sorry you didn't read it, excellent book, 5 stars, now I am reading a suitable boy which is 1400 pages but I am determined to make it through, after which I shall be something of a modern legend :)

Wolfe said...

I have read the Geisha book I'll have you know. Well, at least I think I have. And I can't believe you're actually going to read that book. It's been sitting on your coffee table for about a year now. Absolute bilge.

Anonymous said...

no, that's an equal music, I already read it, awful book.

Pls call me, I need to talk.