Monday, April 30, 2007

Now I've heard it all

Saudi Arabia is preparing to shake off its austere image in developing its tourism sector. It has created ambitious plans to train locals to deal with foreign tourists as well as develop various locations around the kingdom to attract those tourists.

It is ... significant that in December 2006 high-level representatives from the kingdom's commission for the promotion of virtue and prevention of vice, whose religious police uphold the Islamic values of society, joined forces with the SCT and the Ya Hala initiative to train their staff to deal with the expected increase in tourists. These special police are often seen by foreigners as intimidating but have of late been on a drive to deliver a more balanced approach.

Passing the buck again

Farmers and Politicians Make Kids Fat

So Quit Blaming Advertising
Round about when do you think they'll figure out it's the parents' fault?

Airconditioning for the future

Samsung Electronics has held the Middle East launch of a range of air conditioners that it claims can fight SARS, bird flu and other viruses and bacteria.

The new V-Series range releases ions into the atmosphere, which decompose viruses, bacteria and allergens.

Speaking at the product's launch in Dubai, sales and marketing manager Robin Kadyan explained the new technology: "The V-series generates active hydrogen atoms, which combine with oxygen ions to purify the air by destroying the protein of the virus or bacteria, so you no longer have to suffer from air conditioning giving you coughs and colds."

The model also incorporates a ‘Good Sleep' mode, which adjusts the temperature of the room to match the three stages of sleep.

"The Good Sleep mode automatically cools the room as the person falls asleep, maintains a moderate temperature and regulated airstream during sleeping hours and increases the room's temperature as the person wakes up to raise the human body temperature," explained Sang Yoon Kim, director of Home Appliances Division at Samsung Gulf Electronics.

The model uses up to 30% less energy than standard cooling systems.

20 days till graduation

Not that I'm counting or anything.

Last Branding class today (yay!).

Now would be a good time to email me your addresses so I can send out commencement invites.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Speaking of which...

... the marshmellow man hasn't been on for a while now. Why is this? You're lurking, I know you are. I can feel your Mac OS X reaching out with its clammy fingers and poking at my blogspace through the nether. Come out and play.

I'm awake now

Dum dee dee dum.. I'm awake now.. it's 5:22 am.. la dee dee putum putum putum.. I'm bored.. squiggle squiggle.. the marshmellow man isn't on.. hey nonny nonny..

Oh look.. chirping birds.. I think I'll go throw stones at them.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

स्री लंकन for the day

Even though I know the Ozzies are prolly gonna kick ass.

Oz 281/4 1st inn (38 overs)
Lanka 145/3 in the second with 23 overs already


Correction on previous post

Have instead decided on the Dell Latitude D620 since the other one only comes with standard display.


Right, we've narrowed it down to the Latitude D520 for $1,214. Close seconds were the Latitude D620 and the Lenovo 3000 C200.


Obviously we need:
Intel® Core™ 2 Duo T7200 (2.00GHz) 4M L2 Cache, 667Mhz Dual Core
Genuine Windows XP Professional, SP2, with media
14.1 inch XGA LCD Panel
1.0GB, DDR2-667 SDRAM, 2 DIMMS
8X DVD+/-RW w/Sonic Digital Media™ and Cyberlink Power DVD
Intel® 3945 802.11a/g Dual-band Mini Card
Dell Wireless® 350 Bluetooth Module
3 Year Limited Warranty plus 3 Year Mail-in Service

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Speedy Zippy is dying

Trusty computer on its last legs. I must now replace Zippy. Any suggestions? I'm thinking IBM.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Shameless groupies

Listen all you hussies. Stop spamming me with Abhiwarya wedding pictures. Three separate individuals have sent me massive email attachments in the last 3 hours alone.

But you would think she would look a little happier at her own wedding and he would deign to shave.

Maybe it was all that excitement with black cat commandos. Dude! I want black cat commandos at my wedding! Screw that, I want them to bodyguard me in general. Hey, I could be very important one day.


Now you know Wolfie isn't one to bad mouth a brand because of a difference in opinion but I had to remind you of this Benetton fiasco in 2000. Just in case you'd forgotten why you boycott the damn company. Their shirts aren't even that nice.

An Italian clothing company, Benetton, has chosen to feature death row inmates in the latest in their series of tasteless advertising campaigns. The campaign is expected to last throughout 2000 and will feature 26 murderers and their commentary on life. While Benetton tries to improve their poor market share in the U.S., they are causing unnecessary pain and distress to the families of the innocent people killed by the men the campaign intends to "humanize".

In one article, Benetton USA Executive Vice President Carlo Tunioli admitted that to the company, the campaign has little to do with the morality of capital punishment. It's all about marketing, he explained. "There's no correlation between these guys" he said, gesturing to 5-feet-high portraits of David Leroy Skaggs (2 counts of 1st-degree murder) and Bobby Lee Harris (1st-degree murder) "and our sweaters. In terms of an advertising strategy, what we are really doing is building brand awareness."

In another - "We're not the only ones using emotion for commercial gain," Toscani told USA Today in 1995, around the time a court ordered Benetton to pay damages to French citizens infected with the HIV virus, saying the company exploited human suffering.

Here are case histories on some of these killers who are the new spokespersons for this clothing manufacturer. Hopefully the U.S. sales for this company will slump even farther in response to this outrageous action.

At least 45 innocent victims were murdered by the 26 killers. Let's focus on why these murderers are on death row and humanize their victims instead of the killers.
Caution: don't read case histories if you can't deal with tales of inhumanity. I almost thew up my lunch.

(Old yet) Odd potatoes

The introductory caption to the current potato-talk segment of BenettonTalk tells us "Potatoes: you probably eat them quite often, but what do you really know about them?" and wins prominence on the homepage over other important topics like the Tripoli Six, deforestation and a little rant about airport security.

The illustrations are cute in a creepy sort of way. We also learn that one does not in fact grow more potatoes by putting a potato into the ground. Potatoes come from seeds. There's an impressive networking fact.
Funny girl this Angela Natividad.

"Adopt. You will receive more than you can ever give."

For the Indian Association for Promotion of Adoption and Child Welfare from the brillant people at Ogilvy.

The future of commercial bulimia

Imagine a modern metropolis with no outdoor advertising: no billboards, no flashing neon signs, no electronic panels with messages crawling along the bottom. Come the new year, this city of 11 million, overwhelmed by what the authorities call visual pollution, plans to press the 'delete all' button and offer its residents unimpeded views of their surroundings."

City officials in Sao Paulo, Brazil just passed a law that may see the end of ads in public display.
Natural progression? Web 2.0 changed the way we share information. Maybe this is Ad 2.0. Further blurring the lines between art and advertising. Makes sense to me.

Monday, April 23, 2007

I had a nice weekend

There was the Technology Entrepreneurship Night at BU on Friday where I sat at dinner with this chap who, I kid you not, had the point of view that "third-world countries did not necessarily need as much energy as the U.S... maybe they don't want to be like us". Involuntarily in my head, I spat my asparagus at him. Ashan and I did vehemently oppose that view and I think the servers were listening in because they kept filling up my wine glass. Thank you, by the way. As usual Ashan's views were geo-political and mine were socio-economic and a lovely hyphenated time was had by all. Especially Mattie and Matt who look like they've poisoned the soup or something. Either that or they're very pleased about stealing all the water glasses in the room.

Onwards then to the MBA Spring Gala at the Top of the Hub at the Pru. Click. Go on. Look at the pictures. It's a very nice place.

The party was lurrvley with self actually dressed as a female for once and wot with lurvely compliments and too much Bacardi going to my head, I think I hugged one too many people. Not my fault, I still maintain. My ears didn't pop at the 38th floor like the elevator said they would. There was very little oxygen up there.

But as I say, no such thing as too much hugging. Unless of course you've stopped hugging and started feeling up people. All sorts of wrong people. Not that it happened - I behaved myself impeccably thank you very much - but it could have.

After they kicked us out of there we crossed the street and stood outside Lir for about 30 minutes drunkely swaying as a group which is always nice. They wouldn't let us in. Too many suits in their bar was giving them a bad rep. And onwards home we went.

Saturday was spent mostly in bed recovering from too many Bacardis the night before. I slept at 3:30 am, woke at 11 am and I swear I was still drunk. Pizza was ordered. Back to bed we went. Khan did take me out to a nice gobi manchurian dinner in the evening though and the day wrapped up nicely by going back to bed.

Sunday was uneventful with lots of lolling about on the couch watching documentaries. I did go out for the obligatory sun-soak on the way to a crepes lunch but that didn't last long as I had no sunscreen and for those of you who know me will attest to the fact that more than 80 seconds in the sun and Wolfe starts to crinkle at the edges. Yes, I know I'm brown. Yes, I know I'm not supposed to get sunburnt. Go figure.

It's Monday morning now. I go sailing in 2 hours. Only one class today. Swimming later in the evening before bedtime.

I'm ok now. Thanks to a lot of alcohol, some venting, some wallowing and Khan. I'm going to be just fine.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

There is nothing as cool as Bruce Lee

Unless of course, it's Bruce Lee art.

EMI Moves to non-DRM Music

How again is this going to make EMI more money?

Americans are rather intolerant of nekkidness

Good - Sunshine.
Bad - Dubai's image.
Ugly - Timbaland's Shock Value album.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Don't worry, I'm fine

I'm just... I don't know. Unsettled. That's all. I didn't sleep much and my head hurts and I couldn't bring myself to get out of bed. I missed sailing class today but seeing as the Nor'eastern is still upon us, I don't think anybody went out on the river this morning. I may have missed my rigging test but I'm sure I can take that another time. This weekend maybe, when the sun is out and the winds aren't 17 mph.

I did get out of bed eventually. I'm showered and dressed now and looking quite nice in a pair of lovely brown pants with a lovely (but slightly itchy) red sweater and homemade earrings and me brown boots. I have a presentation to give for my Branding class and after that I shall go wander around Downtown Crossing to cheer myself up. After that I get to speak to a bunch of prospective BU MBA students to tell them how wonderful this place is and how they should definitely pick us over the competition. Considering that the competition is usually BC or Babson it's not too hard to convince them (oh no she didn't!).

I did speak to a lovely man named Keith from Macy's outsourced call center who was in New Delhi and I wanted to tell him about Boston and the weather and that I used to go to that Wimpy's near Jangpura Extension and troll the used book stalls on the footpath and that I have a friend who's office is on Barakhamba Road and that my Pa is from Delhi and I watched that outsourcing video and did he hear about the shootings in Virginia and how hard it can be sometimes for brown kids here and that I'm lonely and homesick and want to cry every time I think about being lonely and homesick and that he didn't have to put on an American accent for me because I would understand if he spoke like he normally does and tell him that I really desperately want to travel because sometimes I think that if I lose myself in a crowd of strange people speaking in strange tongues where I don't understand the signs then maybe I'll find myself and ask him questions about his life and his challenges and that I still don't know so many things that I wish I did and it's funny how some days you feel like you're the bees knees and some days you feel so utterly inadequate and if he ever bought anything from Macy's and if maybe they get a discount or something and tell him about all the things that make me want to scream and rant and cry and lots of other meaningless important things but I kinda got the feeling that he wasn't the chatty kind.

Besides, I'm pretty sure Macy's doesn't pay him THAT much.

I'm going to school now.

I'm haunted

That's why I can't sleep. I'm haunted by Minal Panchal. And A.N.N.A won't let me sleep. Good thing I have A. Pinto to keep me company.


I can't sleep

I tried. I did go to bed. Comfy large bed with lots of pillows and satin sheets and soft blankets. I could lie in bed all day. All night if necessary. But I can't sleep. You came back, didn't you? You left for a while in the middle there but I think you came back. But only briefly. Just one time. Now you're gone again. 10 bucks says you're a travelling salesman. Maybe you have a little baby girl who won't let you visit other people very often. Still, I think it's terribly irresponsible of you not to visit often. You know I can't sleep sometimes. The tricky thing about not being able to sleep is the boredom. Oh sure one could always read an improving book (which is more likely to put one to sleep anyway) but improving books are more often than not very large and heavy paperbacks and one does get tired of holding it up for hours. I should get me one of those in-bed-page-turning-book-holders-with-light. Like they used to have in those black and white commercials along with the beach-sandwich-anti-fly-fanner-holder thingys. There's nothing on the tele either. Quite frankly, even if there was I don't think I'd want to watch. Alls I want to do is lie in bed and talk to you. But you're out travelling and selling or something. Maybe you're asleep. That's always a possibility. But you always used to be awake at 4 am. You've let me down you have. I'm quite disappointed in you. I didn't even get my flowers in February. Tch. Terrible. Your credibility is now shot to hell, I'll have you know. But I think you've done this before, haven't you? I vaguely remember you popped in one day and then left for months. Maybe you're doing it again. I don't know why. I think it's quite mean to pop in and out like that. You know I can't sleep. Did I ever tell you about my alarm that goes off at 4 am? So like, somewhere in the depths of my walk-in closet, I must have something with an alarm in it. What this thing is, I have no recollection. So anyway, this alarm thing is set for 4 am. And it goes off at 4 am. Every night. Which is always a bit hit with visitors bunking on the spare mattress who always want to know why I don't hunt the damn thing down and shut it off. I don't want to, you see. It's nice to have a beep or twelve at 4 am for no reason. Gives me something to talk about. More importantly, I can't find it. I've looked, I have! I don't know wot the damn thing is much less where it's kept. It just went off a while ago. I felt sad because I didn't have anybody to talk to about it. Oh look, the Dubai people are online. I guess they'll have to do. I shall go ramble on to them about my alarm clock that goes of at 4 am. They'll forgive me for it. They know I can't sleep.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

For once I agree with Steve

America Needs to Get Its Shit Together on Gun Control

Pardon this commercial break. Here's the way we see it. Those who like to tout "people kill people, not guns" are idiotic morons. While they might think they're mildly correct in some twisted fashion, no one can argue the fact that if it were illegal for citizens to carry guns, gun-related deaths in America would plummet. Those who think the Constitution gives Americans the "right to bear arms" are imbeciles stuck in the 1700's. Yes, we needed guns then. No, we don't need them now. It's as simple as that.

The rest of the world thinks we Americans have our screws completely loose on this one and they are right. Columbine. Virginia Tech. Neither would ever have happened had there been stricter gun control laws in place. Fuck the NRA and all their bullshit. Fuck the idiots that let the ban on semi-automatic weapons lapse.

It's really very simple. Fewer guns. Fewer shootings. Fewer deaths. Why is this so hard for people to grasp? Why would anyone support laws that are based on insuring the potential for death? Why do politicians put up with pro-gun lobbyist bullshit? Why is this country so retarded on this issue? Just about every other civilized country in this world has it figured out. Why is it so hard for us to do so?

Please, do tell. We can't wait to hear from you gun-toting, right to bear arms lunatics. Wait until your kid gets shot by some student in a bad mood with a gun. See how you feel then.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Boobs will sell anything

Even Campari. Here's wot Mommy Hayek is doing these days - and as usual from Copyranter, my favorite comment on this one has got to be -

ricpic said...
An unsmiling Hayek backed by two Rudolph Nureyev Royal Canadian Mounties. And it means...what?

Don't bother us with questions of sense. She's got tits, tits, TITS!!

Cleveland finishes Boston Marathon!

Why this obsession with Josh today you ask? Because I'm too lazy and too ankle-impaired to run the damn thing myself. Takes a lot you know. They don't call it Heartbreak Hill for nothing. Plus this is the only marathon you have to qualify to run for (besides the Olympics). I could go watch it live with the rest of the 500,000 spectators but that wouldn't be as much fun as watching it on the tele.

JC finished 40k in 3:56:32 ranking in 14,621 - hitting his personal goal of under 4 hours (although the official time shown on the website is 4:09:48). Being an Army man, I'm glad he didn't have to run it in Iraq. So proud, so proud! Runners who finish within the first 6 hours get medals as they very well should.

Cleveland passes 35k mark

3:26:53 into the marathon. Doing well at a steady 9.5 km an hour. Watching WBZ now to try and spot him on the tele.

Josh Cleveland runs the Boston Marathon

According to the website athlete tracking, looks like he's doing pretty good on time. He last clocked in at 2 hrs 56 minutes at the 30k mark. It's been around an hour and he should have been spotted at the 35k mark but he hasn't been. Maybe they just missed him. One hopes so for he IS on Heartbreak Hill and the weather is pretty icky. See the interview on BU Today here (try not to swoon at his extremely sexy voice on that video as I did - sadly he's taken).

Click on the map to see the entire route.

Saturday, April 14, 2007


... the loneliness is palpable.

Khan me montre que les videos de parkour

Je souhaite que je pourrais sauter


More bloody papers

I'm getting sick of all this writing papers nonsense. I'd much rather just get up and present, you know?

Ok, I'm just crabby because I can't focus. Blame it on Tranotron. She distracts me with her Vietnam pictures. Now tell me if this isn't the most beautiful face you've seen in ages.

I've got both the Celtic Woman albums to keep me company as I flit around my room spilling Turkish coffee to help me fritter my time away. Can I just say, singing Over the Rainbow in an Irish accent does not make it Celtic music. Why can't they just stick to seaweed songs.

Altogether now! Dulaman na binne bui, dulaman Gaelach... dulaman na farraige, b'fhearr a bhi in Eirinn!

Friday, April 13, 2007


Dude! Blogger goes desi! They even have word correction!

I am so buying stock in Google.

Of course now i can't think of anything to say in हिन्दी.

Wikipedia says it so it must be true

On February 22, 2006, President George W. Bush threatened to veto any legislation passed by Congress to block the deal, which would be the first time in his presidency he would exercise the privilege. In a statement to reporters, Bush claimed, "It would send a terrible signal to friends and allies not to let this transaction go through." Supporters of the deal claimed that the UAE were friendly to America, as the emirates allow U.S. warships in the Gulf to dock in their ports and re-supply their ships with oil, food and other goods for free. Crew members are allowed shore leave in the country and entertain themselves free in malls, brothels and movie theaters.
Since when do we let other people publicly allege that we have brothels in the UAE?!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

I need a dress for the prom

So like, I have nothing to wear to the Spring Gala this year.

Who wants to go shopping this weekend with me?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bloody Coasters

Bloody Coasters (for Mumbai Traffic Police) were printed using a special invisible red ink, wich spreads only when moistened. They were placed at tables and bar counters in Mumbai’s prominent bars and watering holes. When a customer places his frosted, moist glass of alchohol on it, the red ink starts spreading; and the normal face starts bleeding. Alongside, the message reads: Just a reminder: Drunken driving kills.
A brilliant idea from Contract, Mumbai.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Stolen Childhood

Very disturbing ads out of Grey, New Delhi.

Disturbing but true.

How much do you think they paid for the market research?

A recent eMarketer round up of online video viewership stats has some wondering why more men (78 percent) than women (66 percent) watch online video when, conversely, there are more women (97 million) than men (91 million) online. All manner of research hoo ha and analytical blather followed without nary a peep from anyone stating the one word answer to this finding. Porn. Done. Next study please.

Friday, April 06, 2007

I think he heard me thinking

They've changed the music to Buddha Bar now. Much better.

In other news...

The final details were hammered out over the past week, advertisers were called the night before and Google's Eric Schmidt was reached the morning of NBC and News Corp.'s blockbuster announcement about a joint online video venture. After months of speculation, News Corp. and NBC Universal announced this week that they would create an online distribution system together for TV content. And by partnering with portals AOL, MSN, Yahoo and MySpace, the yet-unnamed distribution venture would reach 94% of the U.S. Internet audience.
Article here.

So like, I'm sitting at Harvard Ave. Cafe enjoying my Friday off and sipping my Earl Grey and surfing their free wireless and gazing lasciviously at the banana nut muffin on the counter and I have to ask - why do all cafes that want you to linger and spend a couple of hours there with the comfy couches and the indie art on the walls ALWAYS and without exception play Bob Marley? Is there a secret underground cafe network that dictates this? I swear, in any city in the U.S., they're all playing Bob Marley. Marley sales rise everytime a new cafe opens up. I wonder if they know this. Maybe the Marley people secretly own a piece of every such cafe in the U.S. That would be a good business model.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

New template

How do you like it?

Now this is an interesting idea

At a program development meeting in LA yesterday, ABC introduced a new commercial format which would have actual paid commercials appear in media vehicles shown in the network's dramas and sitcoms. In other words, a character on a sitcom might be watching TV, an actual ad would appear on the screen withing the show and then it would widen out to the viewers TV and be viewed in standard fashion. The plan, still in development, would also incorporate print ads seen in magazines depicted in shows as well as ads shown on cell phones. Presumably, there wouldn't be official commercial breaks rather the commercials would be embedded within the show and appear individually rather than clumped together the way they are now.

UAE concert goes high-tech

The UAE’s first ‘smart chip payment concert card’ is to be deployed at this week’s Shakira concert.

Implementer Vice Versa International said guests would be able to purchase the card prior to the concert, which will work as an ‘electronic purse’. The card will allow them access to the VIP area and will carry pre-loaded credit that can be redeemed for food and beverages.

The credit on the card can be topped up at reloading stations within the VIP area by using cash or a credit card.
Wot I want to know is why do we have a picture of Shakira with the article and not a picture of the card?

Here. Watch a funny video.

Somedays its harder to get out of bed

Somedays it's easier to write about other things than to write about me. Let me write about other things for now - I can't write about me.

Maybe tomorrow it'll get better.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

It's been an exciting weekend

Case competition over. See blog for interviews with teams, results, accounts of events and pictures. Thank you to all who let me nose about while you were trying to win this thing. Stay in touch!