Friday, September 30, 2005

I am so cold.

I am so cold that my toes are numb. They've been numb for most of the night. I'm so cold that I want to shiver only I can't. I'm too cold to shiver. I should have stayed with M. I should have stayed with M. M has a big warm comfy blanket. I should have stayed with M. I should have stayed with M. I should have stayed with M. I'm so cold that I'm miserable. I'm cold enough to be wearing two pairs of socks. It doesn't help. I don't like being cold. I'm so cold that I'm resting my laptop on my feet in the hope that the warmth from the machine will make my toes look less blue. And make the rest of me feel less blue. Tomorrow I will stay with M. On Saturday Black Cobra will bring my warm clothes and blankets. But tomorrow I will stay with M. I should have stayed there tonight. I should have.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Free is always good

Especially if it's the Symphony.

"Here, a desired life in music is grounded in great teaching, demanding performance, solid scholarship and devoted love of the art. We are a community wholly in love with the study of, creation of, performance of, MUSIC!" - Phyllis Curtin, Dean Emerita, Boston University College of Fine Arts.

So like tonight I went to see the Boston University Symphony Orchestra at the Tsai Performing Center, conducted by David Hoose. They played Beethoven's Symphony No. 2 in D Major and Rimsky's Scheherazade. The principal violinist, Wonjung Choi, was spectacular. I've still got her solo in my head.

Gots to study for finance exam next week before the family arrives. Goodnight and God bless.

Awesome ad

Anheuser Busch's Thank You to the troops.

"Very subtle in an overt sort of way"

So like I just entered the grad lounge and was immediately assaulted by the overpowering smell of desi food. I mean it just reached up from the carpets and slapped me in the face. Repeatedly. The grad lounge is also full of 2nd yrs busily working on what looks like strategy or finance homework. Good to see them busy once in a while. Got a peer group meeting in 10 mins and am totally unmotivated.

Had ream review yesterday and J, when told that his comments were sexist, asked if they were good sexist comments. To which I snapped "when are they ever?!" accompanied with a searing look and a mean eyebrow wriggle. And so of course, he now avoids me like dengue fever. Which I find very amusing. "Wolfie kicks some serious ass" was the headline of the moment.

Have managed to bully Stinky Lil into staying until November 1 and told her to get her own room rented. Oh, that's right. You don't know. Ok, here's the background information.

Jo and Daph (otherwise known as the Jap Porn chicks) rented this 3 bedroom apartment with Stinky Lil and then didn't want to live with her anymore so they roped me into staying there and finding a third. Only, Stinky Lil kicked up a fuss and wanted to leave (which is fine by me, I don't want to live with her) but that would make me responsible for $2100 which I didn't want to be. So after an entire month of agonizing over roommates and housing and rentals and staying over at friends' places because I couldn't buy furniture because I didn't know how long I'd be there and contracting various ailments directly associated with stress and heartburn, I have finally managed to bully Stinky Lil into being responsible for her own bloody room. Come Nov 1, if she don't rent out her space, either Hannah and me leave for a 2-bed or we stay and sublet from Jo and Daph. So this is the situ. Also, all I have is a mattress on the floor. Admittedly the room is pretty big and the apartment is quite nice. It's not the greatest, but it's liveable. And big. Big and liveable.

So anyway. Mum, Dad and Black Cobra arrive on Saturday and I'm terrified because I have nothing. Just one sad mattress. And the cable isn't connected yet and I have no teevee and no couch and no pots and no pans and nothing. I have nothing.

Can you tell I'm freaking out?! Also, I have this stupid peer meeting with two individuals who, nice as they are, simply cannot help me with my career choices because one is a fashion designer and the other is a finance major and they know next to nothing about the online media business. Not to mention that I know nothing about the fashion industry and/or finance. Oh, wot a merry match are we.

Did I mention that Boston is SO not a service-oriented town? This place sucks big time when it comes to the service industry. Today already my realtor has managed to tick me off on three separate occasions (and it's only 3 pm). I shall find another realtor. I shall try and keep my cool. Lovely Mattie said yesterday that he liked how I always have a sense of humor, bless 'im. Apparently even when Wolfie is bitchy, she's funny.

Ok, fashion lady is waving frantically through window so I guess it's peer team meeting time.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

RSS Feed

Oh, and by the way, Wolfie now comes in RSS. Right click, save shortcut and add to your favorite RSS reader. Remember to send money.

Cool ad

Honda Civic feat. MIA

Women in management don't stand a frickin' chance

The Faculty Council today released preliminary results of a study finding that faculty salaries at Boston University on average are lower than at comparable universities and that female faculty at BU are paid less than their male colleagues.
"President Brown vows to address 'serious issue' of gender gap in pay."

And you're trying to tell me that the President of the University did not know this before the Council released these numbers? Puhleeze. The only reason he wants to "address" this "serious issue" is because the Faculty Council made these numbers public.

And these are the people shaping the next wave of CEOs.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Ode to the geeks

This post is for A.P. and his unparalleled geekiness.

Linux swear words are all the rage these days.

Stuart Qualtrough does a good job of telling it like it is - Kofi Annan needs to go. But we all know he won't. Which is probably why people are still starving in Africa and fighting in the Middle East.

He is also bang on about Western presence in Iraq - unfortunately, nothing will be done about that either. Heaven forbid that an administration accept they made a wrong decision. A classic example of group think.

It's about time Emirates Airlines did something about their bad service. EA used to offer the best service - alas, no more. Top management gets the boot. Read more here.

The Badmash Crew have a hilarious video about Gramma and the Wurizon guy - check it out. Caution: Video with sound.

Check out Vault's rankings on the top 50 consulting firms - Boston Consulting Group is looking better and better.

Been summonned by classmate to Starbucks to check out hot undergrads in tight t-shirts and mentally throw cans of tranquilizer gas at.

The Ultimate Leadership Experience!

And I can't go! This is horrible! Have you seen the lineup?! This sucks! This sucks big time!

But Wolfie, you may ask, who are all these people?

These people, YOU DIMWIT, I'll reply, are as follows -
Bill Clinton - former President of the US
Frederik Willem de Klerk - the last State President of South Africa
Madeleine Albright - permanent United States representative to the U.N and former Secretary of State
Mahathir bin Mohamed - 4th Prime Minister of Malaysia
Arie de Geus - he IS (or rather WAS) Royal Dutch Shell
Scott Bedbury - headed Nike's worldwide marketing division
Kenichi Ohmae - co-founded McKinsey's strategic management practice in Japan and South Asia
Daniel Pink - speech writer to Al Gore
Spencer Johnson - Medical Director of Communications for Medtronic

And to think I wrote my one of my final papers in undergrad on the 3 types of pacemakers offered by Medtronic *sniff*.

This sucks. *pout*

I SO want to live here

"...the tallest building in the world upon completion. Named Burj Dubai, the tower will combine residential and commercial space, including the first Giorgio Armani hotel, entertainment complexes and the world's largest shopping mall. Parks, water features and pedestrian-only streets are also incorporated into the project's design."

Image courtsey SomeFormOFHuman

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I don't get size biasing in statistics

Google is taking over the world.

Google's stated mission -- "to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful" -- is nearly met. Recently, Google began service in Romansh, a language employed by 35,000 Swiss. We pose the question: If Google grew in June by adding Romansh, how will it grow in July -- by addressing Antarctica's penguin population? We suspect not. Instead, once Google corners the last bit of global information, it will turn to organizing users of information -- i.e., humanity -- making us universally accessible and useful.
How to get rich... slow?

What to do with benches when it's too hot to sit outside.

Emirates must have the world’s biggest marketing department.

How to acquire and maintain loyal customers through mobile media.

Is Microsoft reacting to Apple's tiger or does it have its sights on popular technology?

Google hits a nerve with copyright publishers for wanting to digitize college textbooks. Frankly I think it's an excellent idea if the legals can be sorted. All you JDs out there, go get tech degrees. Lots of money in that department.

Lots of entertainment for diners in restaurants but nobody has developed the buzzer to call your server at the table! Why is this?! Am I the only one who thinks this is a good idea?

Smart fabric that knows how it's being touched by the wearer. Would have to stop obsessively pulling down my shirt if this is to be of value.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

"What's pleasure without pain"

So like apparently, my Gemininess extends to beyond being two-faced. Apparently, I'm multi-persona-ed. I have an evil twin. Her name is Lara. She's mean and chews chaps mercilessly and spits them out for lunch. And she's belligerent and tenacious. Oh, yes, and measured.

Don't ask. That's wot Mikey said.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Pardes di kuri

I met a flute player today. We didn't exactly exchange words but we met. I was walking down the street in my wedding sandals looking for a bed to buy and there he was on the street corner playing his hand-made wooden flute. He had dreadlocks that looked like they hadn't been washed since the first coming and he was wearing reggae clothes. You know the ones I mean. The green and yellow ponchos with the square hat. Wearing reggae clothes and walking down the street playing his flute. I walked right into the path of incoming music. The notes hit me like various little wasps. Stung my face. He looked up at me, took a deep breath in-between notes and went right on playing. And he was playing my song. Like he almost meant to say, "my wife had champagne shoulders".

Thursday, September 15, 2005

More fun things said in class today

"There wasn't even a double space in between the text. That was really upsetting." - team member Kenny talking about a really long boring article to be read for class.

"How does it know the time? Mine just knows." - more from team member Kenny talking about laptop battery life.

"We're going to fine tune you till you die. Welcome to life." - executive presentations instructor talking about the learning process.

"Every time I pause, I kill an 'umm'. An 'umm' has died. I've killed a filler. It's a filler killer." - the same instructor talking about pausing in-between thoughts when you're presenting.

"When you start talking, your hands will pop right up. It's a miracle. There they are." - same instructor talking about gesturing and body posture.

"If they're in tuxes, break out the sequins." - same instructor talking about how one should dress for one's audience.

Also, I had a lovely chat with the Manager of Media Sales for Yahoo! Local (important stuff needs to have capital letters) who had these wise things to say -

"There are two types of people in the world - those that want to be at the top and those that are scared of the bottom."

"People make success. If the market is [conducive] and you have a good team, the success will come."

"It's only good business if it's good business." - yes, I know what that sounds like.

"Integrity is vital. You have to care about what you do. At the end of the day, you have to know that you made good on your word. Somebody's business is better because of your efforts."

I also spoke with an Account Director at Porter Novelli in D.C. (oh the family sticks together, dintcha know?) and the VP of Media Sales at 360i.

And all of these were cold calls. I'm so proud of myself *big grin*.

Ok. To lab to print, to bookstore to buy dividers (why is it that one always runs out of dividers?!), to home to eat and then perhaps a walk around the block. Bring your umbrella, it looks like rain.

Monday, September 12, 2005

So very hungry now

Free speech? You must be joking!

Al Jandaly’s detention is all the more surprising considering the UAE’s constitution states the country provides for ‘freedom of speech’. However, in practice this is severely restricted as most UAE-based publications are still told what can and cannot be reported — the reason for the strong regulatory and political control of media content in the UAE.

Furthermore, the UAE Printing and Publishing Law, 1980, contains article 81, which states that it is prohibited to publish news that causes harm to the national currency or causes damage to the national economy.
Thuraya phones seized in India.

Understatement of the year - Pakistan needs a new leader.

Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal's going liquid.
PRINCE Alwaleed Bin Talal, the world’s richest Arab, last week revealed plans to float hotel and media assets worth more than US$2 billion in Dubai and London over the next two years.
If you look closely, Emaar's financial reporting is a bit .. shall we say.. inconclusive?
REAL ESTATE giant Emaar Properties reported a net profit of US$328 million for the second quarter of this year, down some 8.8% from the company’s first-quarter results of US$360 million.
I can't remember if I blogged about Nakheel's empty villa compound but I found this very disturbing. May I remind you that these are the people building The Palms and The World.

Ever had Lebanese wine?

I wonder if you can get a degree in Islamic banking.

The good people in Iraq can't seem to get beyond their selves. Makes me sick to be from a land that's in such close proximity to such nonsense.

Conflicting reports all over the place about the planning invested in The Palms.
A UK broadsheet claimed the US$3 billion project was in jeopardy and accused developers of over-utilising the site. It said they were building too many homes in too small a space, making access in and around the man-made island a nightmare.
Petrol prices went up in the UAE?! I'm in shock!

The Arabian Kings of Cash - world's richest Arabs. So very very cool that they're mostly business people and industrialists and not playboys.

SHARJAH in the United Arab Emirates is planning an enormous offshore development to rival the Palm projects currently under construction in Dubai.
Oh please, Sharjah ain't got nothing on Dubai.

Dubai’s bullish financial markets were shaken to the core last week after it was discovered that US$2 billion worth of trading had to be wiped out because of a fake deal scandal. The shock move was revealed after an entire month’s worth of share dealing was ploughed into one company in a single day.
Read it all here...

The spectacle of impoverished nations like Afghanistan and Bangladesh ferrying emergency aid to the wealthiest country on the planet serves as a grim notice to us all.
Am I the only one who thinks that there's something suspicious about Mother Nature going berserk so soon.. so fast.. ?

Yet another request for scholarship denied. Now I'm depressed.

More useless information

Apparently, I'm like Goddess Parvati. Meenakshi was the incarnation of Devi/Parvati sent down by the gods when the king asked for a son. When she was first born, she had three breasts. The gods said that once she met her true love, the third breast would disappear. She was raised with the education and training of a boy and became a great queen and fearsome warrior. She went with her army to conquer Mount Kailash where she met Shiva, god of destruction and (you guessed it) her true love. She lost her three-breast deformity and they ruled the kingdom from Madurai as deities on earth. (Photo - 2003, Madurai Pudu Mandapam Bazaar, Tamil Nadu, India)

No German men

There aren't any German men to date, Black Cobra. Although nice gay man #1 did volunteer to pretend to be a)German and b)my boyfriend just so my mother would make him butter chicken.

Which reminds me, I need to find a decent shawarma place in town.


Sunday was rather uneventful. Did manage to find 3 women who would like to move in with me so that was nice. Didn't do much. Took a nap. Cooked some desi food with some friends. Read the newspaper - all 3lbs. of it. Read a case for class today.

Had my first marketing and data analysis classes today. DA was blech. Marketing sounds promising. Have more reading to do for tomorrow.

Party on Sat night was fun. Said something hugely embarassing which included the words 'spraying', 'penis', 'after party' and 'bubbles'. Also found yet another marvelous chap who is unfortunately gay. Oh well.

Was hugged by AJ's bizzaro twin and I think a few ribs are broken. Some chaps just don't know their own strength.

Ok, back to work.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

I love laptops

So last night, as I was clomping through the streets of Boston looking like a bag lady, I dropped my cellphone right outside the building I live. And some nice guy found it and put it in a plastic bag and left it behind the column of the entrance to the building after calling the last dialled number (which happened to be the Googster) letting her know where it was so she could let me know. Reaffirmed my faith in mankind it did. Especially in a town where cellphones, laptops and mp3 players are hot property.

By the way, in Boston, EVERYBODY is walking the streets with a cellphone, a laptop and an mp3 player. Also, this seems to be an iPod dominated market. Plus there are too many giggly undergrad girls.

Did I tell you about the athletic center? We have two pools - one for recreation and the other for laps! Yay! Finally, an aquatic center that got it right! No more running into idiots who don't observe appropriate pool protocol! The competition pool is 16-lane by 10-lane and has upto a metre diving boards. I'm thinking of signing up for classes next term.

Ok, class resumes. Remember to rent Miracles this weekend. It's a good movie. How do I know? 'Cuz I just saw it in my org. behaviour class of course. Right after Gandhi, a documentary on the Navy Seals and Gene Kelly.

Hell yeah!

So like, I think it's finally hit me. I'm in an MBA program at one of the top universities in the world.

Today we had a combined class with all the three sections in 1st year. Had a small leadership exercise and, as usual, Wolfie had to take charge to win and win we did. They all hate me now because I was belligerent and barking out orders but we did achieve the goal and win 5 dozen doughnuts (which is all that counts really). And I think now I understand why they say that the friends you make at grad school are the ones that stay with you for a long long time. I think I made one last night.

And why are the good ones always gay?! 'snot fair. Hmm... wonder if I can convince him to swing my way. Any tips?

Mum's in LR with Black Cobra compulsively cleaning the kitchen. Can't wait till they get here. Miss 'em horribly.

Simply must get furniture today and tomorrow. Maybe even start painting and staining. I have ugly puky green walls that I think I want to turn into two-tone blue and there's an unfinished furniture place around the corner for bookcases and desks and stuff which would work well with a few tins of bright stains. Plus I have windows that need curtains. This setting up house thing is always fun.

Have to read two chapters before Monday's data analysis class. That should be interesting when I'm on a high from paint fumes.

So any ideas for a mural for the bedroom ceiling? I'm feeling Michaelangelo-ish. And don't say abstract. Last thing I need after a long hard day of being a grad student is to come home and lie in bed and have to think about the patterns on the walls.

Have to move classrooms. Too many noisy undergrads in here. Be back shortly.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Warm and fuzzy

So like after being in class and meetings for about 13 hours yessterday, while I was researching for my Saturday paper, Artraj popped online on MSN and that little window with his picture in it (plus his suxy chin) pinged on my laptop and in the middle of all the madness, I smiled. I smiled because he looked so .. Artraj. Confident, fun, nice and a little tired.

So, everybody, put pictures on your MSN. Your friends want to see you. Especially the ones that aren't around you.

I'm running an hour late this morning. Yesterday we watched Seabiscuit. The day before it was the Navy Seals. The day before that it was a Gene Kelly movie. It's not so bad doing all this analysis. In fact, it's a little bit fun. I guess I brushed up with the job at the agency.

Ok, time for class. Oo donuts.

The prof just put on Dave Brubeck. Hell yeah this is going to be fun!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

CNN reports

Fourteen bodies found Thursday inside the flooded Memorial Hospital in New Orleans.

Fun things that were said in class today

"Such learning is intrinsically difficult because the reexamination of basic assumptions temporarily destabilize our cognitive and interpersonal world, releasing large quantities of basic anxiety."

Oh, and we also watched Seabiscuit.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Spit = SPam over Internet Telephony

I remember discussing with Flip about how the Middle Eastern market isn't ready to ride the e-learning curve just yet but hey, there just may be a job for me after I graduate in 2 years eh?

Sure RFID provides a lot of information, but do we need it all? Also, where are we gonna put it?

Al-Futtaim gets web-based tracking for its vehicles! Whoo hoo! About time someone caught up on that idea. However, I think that the U.S. and Europe implementation is more important as far as market share goes. But I think its awesome that hi-tech is hitting the Middle East with full gusto.

More later. I have a paper due tomorrow.

Day 2 of classes

Got apartment. Stayed over at friend's place because no mattress and didn't want to sleep on the cold hardwood floor. Got my organizational behavior class in 15 minutes and I'm bloody starving. Need to go shopping for food and a matress after class. Too busy too busy aaaaah.

So how are you?

Saturday, September 03, 2005

This is an old post

What am I doing here? I left a lovely home with a kick-ass job to live in this horrid town where you can't find a decent, clean, safe place to live for love or money. My laptop battery is running out, I can't find a single three pin socket, I have no internet connection, I'm bloody hungry because I haven't had breakfast or lunch, there isn't a single commercial establishment within a 3 mile radius and every time I poke my head out the door I get asked if I've found a place to live yet.

I don't want to be here like this. I want to be settled in and unpacked and working on school. It doesn't help that everybody and their uncle calls me from fun exciting places to tell me what a joy their lives are. Bah humbug. I could do with a healthy dose of the Cartoon Network and a very large cup of coffee. I'm going to have to get my ass off this bed and haul it into town to get some chow and a few bits and bytes or I'll just lie here in my depressed melancholy until the putrid smell of old people food overcomes me and I start retching.

Did I ever tell you that, by the way? Old people and babies make me physically ill. I know it's a horrible thing to say and feel but it's true. They make me want to throw up. I cannot eat at a table with old people or babies. I get all nauseous and have to throw up. I don't know why this is. I was a baby once. I shall be an old person soon enough. It's bizzare. Does it have a name? It's not a phobia. It's just.. well.. bizzare.

Anyway. If this post has seen the light of day it means I've scrounged up enough change for the subway and I'm in a hotspot.

Post note note -

So like the day wasn't so bad. I got fed (which is always nice) and watched some tennis and read the New Yorker's 75th Anniversary compilation of comic strips and had a crazy conversation with Black Cobra Hello comprising mostly of 'hellos' and 'wots?!'.

Did I ever tell you about Prakash? He's from down south somewhere. I sat next to him in accounting and the very first question he asked me was, "how much did you get on your GMAT?". Upon being told and after seeing me zip through the accounting problems he is convinced I'm some sort of gal-genius (which, I'm sure he finds very surprising seeing as I'm a)non-brahmin, b)an NRI, c)a girl and d)from the north. He did question my heritage and made pointed references to the quality of education received outside the glorious sub-continent and I glared at him and said something inane like, "well aren't we all NRIs now?" At which point he scuttled off to do homework. On Thursday afternoon. For a Tuesday morning class. And wouldn't come out drinking with us. "Obviously not". And he didn't sit with me at lunch on Friday. I think that's 'cuz he noticed I was eating a roast beef sammich at one point. Very strange.

Oh and Madan is only 23. He reminds me of A.P. Kinda looks like him too. I'm quite taken with him. He's a smart cookie that one. Bugger'll prolly do better. Still. It's nice that he reminds me of A.P.

Dude, this obsession has to end.

Which reminds me. Kuttyman and I are going to start up You know, for those sweet, unassuming telu ones. They're nice guys and nice guys need love too. That and I'm thinking of an alternative BU film festival. Wot say? Think this town could do with some more culture? I mean, the Pops are a hard act to follow.

The apartment hunt continues tomorrow. Pray Wolfie finds her studio/loft w/ hrdwd flrs/ht/hw inc. nr T & lndry. I'm going to go sneak downstairs and dig into the Turkish sweets I got mine host. He doesn't seem to want any so I guess that's ok.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

If I didn't have you...

... I'd be plodding through the streets of Newton at 12:30 am lost, bewildered and in a panic. Thank you for caring enough to call me for a sanity check. You are truly a friend.

It's not the meek, it's the geeks that will inherit the earth

I'm piggy-backing on someone's open wireless network here. Hoo hah!

Got an email from Walshy (bless 'im) that has the word "darling" in it and I can just hear him say it and it gives me goosebumps it does.

You know, there are direct flights from Boston to London. But sadly not Brum.

The School of Theology doubles as a fallout shelter

It's been almost a week and it feels like so much longer. Boston is a town for pedestrians. But not pedestrians who, at any given point, lug around heavy laptops and at least 3 binders bursting with information. Monday night was spent schmoozing with the Women's MBA Association which translates into - a housefull of shrill, high-pitched, career-oriented, sushi-snarfing chicks. Hostess was amazing. Her resume would probably be heavier than my laptop.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday have been spent in orientation. Yes, 5 days of orientation. With one more to go tomorrow, thank heavens. Tons of work ahead. At least we get fed. Well, mostly.

When not in seminars and other planned events, I have been walking the streets looking for a place to live. Got my eye on this nice 3 BR/1 bath/prch/ht&hw place close to campus. Problem is, it's on the 2nd floor with no elevator. Good thing is, it's got hardwood floors. Which may be a pain in the winter but oh boy are they good to slide on.

I've got me a new phone. The Motorola V180. Pretty decent, 'cept I dropped it and now it's scratched. The navigation is very un-usable and non-intuitive and everytime I want to do something basic like delete a phonebook entry I start wishing I had read the manual.

Haven't seen the highly touted athletic center yet. S'posed to have all sorts of pool-ness going on. Will check it out when have settled in new apartment. Staying with friends in Newton and it's a very long walk from the subway stop, plus I have to go up one to change trains from school and it takes about an hour to get home by which time I'm drenched (it rains a lot these days) and very blistered. Hoping to get the housing situ sorted by this weekend so can enjoy last few days of non-stress and sit in Harvard Square snorting espressos with some brains.

Have met my team. Seem harmless enough. Got a Sherpa in the group. And a dentist. And a VP of finance. 'Cuz, you know, those are just the sort of folks who need double Masters' degrees in information systems and business administration.

No internet connection at where I'm staying right now, hence the gaps in blog posts. No time at school because too busy running around trying to get shit accomplished. But I'm sure once I've got my own place with wireless, you'll be seeing a lot more of me online. Until then, find comfort and solace in the fact that wherever you are, there's a girl in Boston walking down the street listening to MC Solaar wondering why you haven't called her yet.

Need to go order business cards now.