Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tonight's dinner conversation topics

With Joe and Gabriel and Jean and Mark over a New England boiled dinner with banana creme pie for dessert:

Television screen sizes, Obama, Spitzer, child abuse, catholic schools, French teachers, waitresses, Jesus Christ Superstar, Andrew Lloyd Webber, prostitution, dumb questions children ask, Haiti, Tahiti, Peru, Argentina, German Nazis in exile in Argentina, DNA analysis, Luminol, Argentinian bolos, the size of Joe's balls, identical twins committing crimes, identical triplets, identical triplets committing crimes, the last quarter of the Superbowl, Mr. Peterson the cat, strippers, life in the suburbs, strip clubs, child pornography, schizophrenia, voting, the Dominican Republic, Indian food, Shabu Shabu, nonsense TSA regulations, old movies and how I had never eaten a turnip until tonight.

Can't remember the last time I laughed this much.

If I was paranoid, I would see a link between these two news stories

First I read this one...

February 04, 2008
Good Health Is Bad for Business
When Consumers Don't Sneeze, K-C and Other Tissue, Medicine Manufacturers Catch Cold (Sales)
After years of media worry over the threat of avian flu or some other long-overdue flu pandemic, a few marketers are facing a difficult reality: This isn't shaping up to be the year of the big bug or even of many little ones.

Then I read this one...
March 13, 2008
A flu warning from the ER
"As an emergency physician and chief of the emergency department at Tufts Medical Center, I don't need news stories to know that this year's flu season is turning into a bad one; all I have to do is look around my hospital's emergency department and talk with my colleagues to see that many are overloaded with seriously ill flu patients."

Good thing I'm not paranoid. I am however recovering from the odd flu that's hit most of Massachusetts. Yes, laying of Tosci's icecream would help. No, that's not an option. Yes, I'm eating mango sorbet as we speak. Sppth.

Friday, March 14, 2008

My sofas are very overstuffed

I now have furniture, you may be pleased to know. Couches and wot not. My sofas have bellies. It's very cool. Only thing is that it looks like Paul Bunyan's furniture. And I feel a bit like Thumbelina. It's stupidly comfortable though. But very large. I thought it would all fit in the living room. I may have been too optimistic.

I could not have side tables I suppose.

So yesterday, a meter maid yelled at me

She did. She actually yelled at me. Alls I was doing was sitting in my car, talking on the phone, at a metered spot, at 5:30 in the evening. Ok, so maybe I didn't actually put any money in the meter but I was sitting there. So she walks up to me car and peers at my license plate and then yells at me. I'm not exacly sure wot she was yelling about. Something about giving tickets to people who park at metered spots and talk on cell phones without putting money in the meter. Then she walked away. Which was even more confusing.

But I'm flabbergasted. She actually yelled at me.