Monday, September 04, 2006

Get loaded on Thorazine and get on a NY subway train. Now there's a trip.

Hello darlings. Sorry I've been away. Life gets in the way sometimes. Let's go back in time then shall we?

So work at the Hive is done and I was very gleeful about it. It may be for good, unless I take them up on the Director-ship suggestion. It felt good leaving a job on my own terms for once without the smell of burning bridges haunting me. Black Cobra and Mum came up from NYC for a rainy weekend. Cobra and I spent a lovely 6 hours in Harvard Square soaking up the intellectualism and bought 8 (yes, eight) books. Because, you know, I'm going to have so much time to read them. Bumped into Khan and that woman from Ukraine or some other Eastern Bloc country who Cobra (bless her) instinctively dislikes because her underwear was showing. To be frank, I instinctively dislike those people too.

Off we went back to the Bronx. Spent almost a week there. Was tres boring. I did make three pairs of earrings and rest my feet and read 3 books but it was bloody boring. Oh, and I wrote my internship paper. They make you write an internship paper if you're an F1. 8-10 pages. Would've been helpful if I had started working on it during the internship but then again, if I did everything when I'm s'posed to do it then where would be the challenge?

Have signed up for yet another research project involving mobile marketing with Prof. Venkat at school. Looking forward to it as it is EXACTLY the sort of project I've been looking for. Should be fun. Also, Khan and I and two other chaps were thinking of getting a task force together to try and come up with a commercially viable business idea. I mean, if you're not going to start a company while you're in b-school then well, wot's the point?

That was last weekend. Then last week happened. And I twisted both my ankles. Not together at the same time, you understand. One after the other. First one and then the other. I place the blame squarely on those blasted Payless sandals. So I threw them out.

Then Khan and I had a fight. Well not exactly a fight. More like a dissatisfied howl at each other. I'd been getting strange vibes from him all week (which is odd by itself because I'm hardly the most sensitive-to-other-people's-vibes sort of person) and his aura was decidedly blue. So while we're out illegally photocopying course packs (wot?! You'd do it too if they cost $140 a pop and you had to get 6. Don't judge me. HBS has enough money.), we howl over it. It made me quite sick. I hate relationship issues. This is probably why I should never EVER be in one. We talked it over at Espresso Royale and decide that it'd be best if we parted ways (actually, he decided that, I didn't). So that's wot we did. I went to the clinic and he went to rent a U-Haul to help Shipra move.

No, I'm not sick. I just had to get my shots. MMR, Td and Hepatitis B Part I. Remind me in 4 weeks to go back for Part II. Hurt like the dickens. Arms all sore. So I came back home to lie in bed and moan. Then Khan called and bribed me with icecream to go for a ride with him in the truck. Over some horrificly bad driving, we decide that we're not in fact going to part ways (actually, he decided that, I didn't). So that's wot we did.

Ordered dinner in from the shady place (of shady Middle Eastern origin) around the corner from Khan's place. He had a veggie pizza and I had a lovely chicken shawarma plate. The hummous was lacking but the lovely garlic lemon butter was excellent. But, horror of horrors, the jalapeno poppers were made with cheddar cheese and not, as they should be, with cream cheese. But still, they will get our repeat business.

After an extremely disconnected and large lunch at JMP, D'vya and I headed out to procure textbooks and course packs and other essentials for skool and I'm afraid I overdid the walking. By the time, I got home at 6:30, I was screaming in pain. But I'm a trooper. Put on my lovely new earrings and tottled off to Prithvi's for kababs and Bacardi (which I couldn't have because I was up on pain meds). Then, in the rain, on the way back, I stepped on a pebble. The pain was excruciating. And I may have been a leetle big mean to Khan. Which would probably be why we had the big howl at each other earlier. Right. Prolly shouldn't do that.

So I've been sitting on this couch since yesterday with my feet up and I'm bored stiff. I've got 85 pages of financial reporting and valuation to reach but I'm too bored to study.

The new roommates have moved in. They seem nice. Relatively normal. Keep forgetting to lock the front door thereby scaring the bejeezus outta me everytime I pad across the flat to go to the bathroom and see the front door gently swaying in the breeze. But normal. Hopefully I will not be murdered in my sleep.

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