Monday, November 13, 2006

Ok, who rang me at 4:45 am?

Didn't leave a message. Woke me up. Blank caller ID.

Thank you for waking me. I overslept my alarm.

Interview was alright. Good questions were asked. Good answers were given (if I do say so). Now we shall see.

Walked into my DB mgmt class 10 minutes late and was rendered confused by strange Chinese man talking about something that seemed important. He had code up on the screen and was making boxes on the blackboard. I didn't understand a word he said for the next 40 minutes. It disturbed me greatly. Then he suddenly stopped talking and said something (which I suppose was a joke) and then he laughed. To pin-drop silence. Then he stood there and stared at us for about 20 minutes. I felt his pain. I would have offered to help him through it but I was afraid he would talk to me and I wouldn't understand him. He was smiling so I suppose he wasn't too uncomfortable. Smiling at some private joke about ASP.NET in his head. Very strange.

If you're a professor, here's a tip, make sure the server is up before you send a TA to teach your class. The poor chap can't do much once he's actually in class.

I'm wearing my grey suit with the pink striped shirt and I KNOW Kunal will wear the same thing. I must message him and tell him not to. We'll be the desi twins that applied for the same job wearing the same clothes. Maybe the interviewer will think I'm back only this time as a man. You know, double my chances of getting the job. Very disturbing.

I shall now read for my 2 pm.

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