Saturday, December 02, 2006

High class spam

Here's some of the better spam emails I've received. It's put me all in a tizzy. It's from Urvakhsha Hermsen which in itself is mind-blowing.

We followed the thing to a smoking pit with a jumble of crumpled reliability. Do I assume that you will cooperate? At the minimum you He unclipped his phone from his belt, shouted a multi-digit number There are seconds that sometimes ;appear to stretch for a length of Save the discussion. Explanations will be useful after we make sure Its not a matter of liking or not liking it, she said reading my deadline? Now-please. Dont ask me any questions. Hell know what you We quickly worked out a routine. We would land and he would be away. contact with her, Madonette was now completely alone. I kept telling hers. It has just been so long since we discussed these things.
I mean to say, don't you want to know what was the multi-digit number?! I need explanations! Wot if the deadline passes?! Poor Madonette, will she be alright?

It's been so long since we discussed these things.


Paresh said...

We don't talk about rudimentary spamming algorithms. I miss those conversations.

How are you doing?

Wolfe said...

I'm ok. Bogged down with a lot of work, but I'm ok. We'll speak before I leave.