Thursday, March 01, 2007

Ah the flushing spiral of procrastination

So like I have to work on my country analysis paper, write down notes for tomorrow's client presentation, put paperwork together for my lawyer and sort out my desk and of course I don't want to do any of it so I cleaned the kitchen and refolded all my clothes and changed the sheets on the bed and swept the floor and then mopped it and now I'm thinking about making dinner only I'm not hungry and there is no meat in the freezer and we all know I can't eat an entirely vegetarian meal so I'm tempted to go to the store and get shrimp so I can make chili shrimp and watch teevee and go drinking with the MBAs because it is Arjun's birthday and I mean, shouldn't we be with our friends on their birthdays to drunkenly tell them repeatedly that we love them?

Help me. I need motivation. I am a weak weak woman.

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Lippy said...

I'm not sure if me telling you to stop procrastinating would be hypocritical...but you really should get to it. You won't be too happy if you're rushing around tomorrow playing catch-up!

You sure procrastinate productively, though!