Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It's her fault I have the manic giggles today

Wolfe: i am stressed and sickly

Louise: why stressed and how sickly (you can't possibly be sickly after all your kale juice!)

Wolfe: i think i have a cold.. and i slept very little last two nights... the pigeons scared me this morning
Louise: beady eyes
Wolfe: i was awake all night.. finally went to sleep at 5:30 am.. and the damn pigeons frightened me awake... they were digging in my pots so i thought i had an intruder.. cat burgler if you will
Louise: pigeon burglar technically

Wolfe: i wonder wot a pigeon burger would taste like.. prolly like dirt given how much of mine they eat

Louise: pigeon is tasty actually, but probably not urban pigeons.

Wolfe: vile creatures... you know they attacked me in sri lanka... repeatedly... hitchcock style

Louise: sri lankan pigeons are probably more vicious than cambridge ones... cambridge ones are just fat and lazy
Wolfe: full of my potted seeds
Louise: feathery little fuckers

Louise: had egg whites for breakfast with one piece of toast and pb.. have more egg whites for later... and a banana... have some nuts and raisins in bag I think

Wolfe: i'm a nut...put me in a bag with rasins... that is my new pickup line

Louise: i'm not sure that it is a very good pick up line... unless you are talking to a raisin maufacturer

Wolfe: your face is a raisin manufacturer... (collapsing into giggles now)

Louise: your mum etc... weirdo

Wolfe: karen does not think that is a good pick up line either.. and i think i scared daniel from FnDS

Louise: poor boy... try 'i love granola bars but i am missing some nuts' and then wink.

Wolfe: karen says that i am not missing any.. i am nuts... and now i have the manic giggles

Louise: oh dear. face. palm.

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