Sunday, September 18, 2005

Pardes di kuri

I met a flute player today. We didn't exactly exchange words but we met. I was walking down the street in my wedding sandals looking for a bed to buy and there he was on the street corner playing his hand-made wooden flute. He had dreadlocks that looked like they hadn't been washed since the first coming and he was wearing reggae clothes. You know the ones I mean. The green and yellow ponchos with the square hat. Wearing reggae clothes and walking down the street playing his flute. I walked right into the path of incoming music. The notes hit me like various little wasps. Stung my face. He looked up at me, took a deep breath in-between notes and went right on playing. And he was playing my song. Like he almost meant to say, "my wife had champagne shoulders".


Blame the Blog said...

i might have asked you this before .. dont remember .. but ehat exactly does 'champagne shoulders' mean ??

curious i am ! :)

Anonymous said...

Me too..What does it mean?

Wolfe said...


Someone who loved me once said that I was like champagne. That being with me was like tasting the uniqueness and spirit of a truly great wine. That I was the personification of the quest for perfection. That I had subtle complex flavors. Suitable for all occasions. I was an event to celebrate. That I was loyal, indispensible, unimitable, delicate and full-bodied. Individual, vibrant and lingering. Sensuous, intense, zesty and brazenly buxom.

Needless to say someone was rather inebriated and therefore probably exaggerating a tad. Also, the song makes me intensly sad and therefore is one of my favourites.