Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Bobbing along on the bottom of this grimy sea

So like I was taking a break from trying to squeeze three chapters of my very heavy and nauseatingly boring corporate finance textbook into my left ear and thot I'd catch up on Curry's, Art's, Resh's and Tammy's lives. Bad idea. It has just occurred to me that Halloween, Diwali, 2 mid-terms, 2 papers and 3 presentations have gone by and I haven't blogged about any of it. Mostly because I was too bloody tired from having to lay the dynamite for when I will explode into the post-MS-MBA world of lots and lots of money but also significantly because I was too depressed to write. But I'll be better about it. I promise.

Tammy, I love your pinks and oranges and warm glows and please send me the AB jr. collage so I can freak out the people at Kinko's by printing it out in large color glossy poster size for my bedroom wall.

Resh, condiment bowls?! Honestly. *tch* I'm so proud of you now that you're all growed-up and taking care of your vaife and living in your own apartment and all. So very proud *sniff*.

Curry, my love, wot can I say? Every post makes me wish I had stolen you off to a dark corner when we were in Dubai and dragged your pants off. Heppy Diwali. I hope it was a lovely one. Don't be homesick. I'll send you goodies from Dubai in December.

Raj, if haute bong lass won't marry you, will you live in sin with me? Happy birthday, luv. I'm sorry I missed it. I'm glad you were born.

Tamm's pinkly oranges have inspired me to unchain myself from the red and work on a new template sometime this weekend. After my corporate finance exam. Chapters 5, 6 and 7. Which I am bound to mess up because I spent most of the bond valuation discussion in a daze. I need a coffee. Off to Starbucks I go.

Venti mocha no whip in case you were wondering.

Oh and remind me to tell you about my friend Em. He's very nice. He's very tall too. We spend a lot of time together. Mostly because I bully him into carrying my heavy bags and cooking me dinner.

I didn't even tell you about Black Cobra's kacchi misri did I? Tch. I'm horrible, yes I know. But I'll be good from now on.

I strangely smell sweet and sour sauce (inadvertant alliteration). Great, that's another thing I really need right now. A seizure.

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