Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Which PDA/phone should I get?

iMate? iPaq? HP? Treo? Something else?

Monday, February 27, 2006

A Furniture Dealer's Testament

Divide your life into 10-minute units and sacrifice as few as possible in meaningless activity.

Which means that instead of studying for my Economics midterm I have been shamelessly downloading Punjabi moozik.

In other news, Mentor Kolectiv kicks ass. When I die, don't send me to heaven. Put me in a room with Mentor, Lembhar, Bikram Singh, Gunjan, the Wolvesboyz (men after my own heart) and Dr. Zeus, give me a spitter and a spinner, a pack of fags and a bottle of Bacardi and watch me achieve nirvana.

Very few things compare. Cafe with Vishal Rao and a chat with Walsh comes a close second.

When are you going to stop drinking and driving?

Some extremely good ads on the subject. A must see.

This is the world we live in

A world where bad plastic singers rank higher than athletes who sweat their entire lives trying to achieve a greater goal.

Airing a two-hour expanded edition of American Idol on Wednesday night (Feb. 22), Fox more than tripled NBC's Winter Olympics ratings head-to-head from 8-10 p.m., producing a 13.4 rating over the Olympics' 4.0 in the 18-49 demo, according to Nielsen Media Research data. Idol also outrated the Olympics in the 18-34 demo (12.3 to 2.6) by 392 percent and drew more than twice the number of viewers --31.4 million to 14.8 million.

What do you do when you want to build a wind turbine?

Build towers that will create the wind!

...British architect Atkins decided to incorporate large-scale wind turbines into the twin-tower Bahrain World Trade Center, currently under construction in Manama...
This meant that the two towers had to be designed in such a way that they would funnel the onshore wind between them, as well as creating a negative pressure behind, in order to accelerate the wind velocity between them.
Read this piece of sheer brilliance here...

The largest mall in India

The fledgling DLF-Laing O’Rourke joint venture in India is planning to build the largest mall in the country at an estimated cost of US $340 million. The mall is being developed in Gurgaon, part of the capital, New Delhi.

"It will be the largest mall in the country and will be called the Mall of India. The new shopping complex will have a built up area of 557,418 m2 and will consist of a water theme park, entertainment parks, cinema halls, food courts and shopping avenues."
Read more here...

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

How poor am I really?

So like I got a job offer today to work at the school's tech department doing geeky things for $17/hr for 15 hrs a week. Should I take it? On the one hand I like my Fridays off and the ability to laze about in the mornings (read that as catch up on the previous night's readings). But on the other hand we're looking at over $1000 a month. Sure FICA and his cronies will get their hands on it but they'll give it back in April.

So should I do it or not?

Sunday, February 19, 2006

I'll fly you to the moon and back...

A day after Space Adventures announced it was in a venture to develop rocket ships for suborbital flights, the company said Friday it plans to build a $265 million spaceport in the United Arab Emirates.

The commercial spaceport would be based in Ras Al-Khaimah near the southern end of the Persian Gulf, and the UAE government has made an initial investment of $30 million, the Arlington, Va.-based company said in a statement.
Read more here...

Monday, February 13, 2006

Ah, the joys of drunken sing-a-longs

It didn't recognize Chemical Brothers even once. I tried it 4 times.

Yes, I'm avoiding work by wasting time. I'm entitled.

Wonder wot Gandalf rocks to in his jammies?

Check it out. Boys is my favorite. Crank up the volume. It's freakin' hilarious.

So... are you implying Frodo's Clearly Gay and wants Sam to be his bitch?


Hello open markets, goodbye Etisalat!

The UAE Supreme Committee for the Supervision of the Telecommunications Sector (SCSTS) signed today a full-services telecom license with Emirates Integrated Telecommunication Company PJSC (EITC).
Read the wonderful news here.

Gattaca... and beyond!

On Oct. 27 the three-year old International HapMap Consortium published a comprehensive catalog of more than 1 million human genetic variations, grouped in blocks called haplotypes. The DNA sequences of any two individuals are 99.9% the same, but the range of variations in the remaining 0.1% is enormous. That 0.1% is responsible for a predisposition to asthma, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, schizophrenia, and many other ailments.

The HapMap database, which is freely available to all, allows researchers to connect genetic variations to a disease. Once such a link is made, drugmakers hope to come up with a treatment that can zero in on the cause and possibly even prevent the illness. "This type of information is completely changing the way we do drug discovery," says Paul Herrling, head of corporate research for Novartis AG. "It is certainly an important step in the direction of personalized medicine."
Read it all here.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

India definitely needs more porn

Playboy will publish a magazine in India, which will include its usual content minus the name and nudes, according to the New York Times. Prompting the move is the fact that, as profits are flattening in the West, shrinking 1 percent in 2004, foreign revenue grew by 13 percent from 20 overseas editions.

Christie Hefner, chief executive of Playboy Enterprises, told reporters in December that the magazine "would be an extension of Playboy that would be focused around the lifestyle, pop culture, celebrity, fashion, sports and interview elements of Playboy."

Who says XM is exclusive?

XM Satellite Radio and Napster have launched their co-branded digital music store that will allow users to listen to 70+ XM channels and download music they hear on the service, Beta News reports. Customers will also be able to browse the rest of the service's catalog, just as with Napster's regular service.

A portable music player with the capability of listening to XM and marking songs for later download will be available from Samsung shortly. Users will be able to mark songs they hear on the radio for later download - which happens automatically when the device is synced.

TiVo on your iPod

A new TiVo feature will allow subscribers to transfer recorded television programming to their Apple iPod or PSP devices.
Dude! This is huge! Imagine the implications for the networked economy. We're talking mucho media deals here.

Hmm... maybe I should be in broadcast media.

I wouldn't mind being a Dish girl

A Texas town with a population of 125 has renamed itself, from Clark to Dish, in exchange for 10 free years of basic Dish Network satellite TV service from EchoStar Communications, Media Life reports. Town commissioners voted Tuesday night to rename Clark during a packed meeting at the Town Hall.

The move is part of Dish Network's Better TV for All campaign. The company announced its plans to find a town to rename in August.
Especially since I've just learned today that my apartment is not wired for cable. So no internet. Just typing those words makes me want to vomit repeatedly. I am understandably upset.

Are people the only consumers

A new, internet-only radio station has launched that aims at an all-new audience: pets. DogCatRadio.com, broadcast from Los Angeles, was started by Adrian Martinez when he noticed that his cat liked to listen to 80s rock, CBS News writes.

The station takes requests, the most popular so far being Hound Dog and Who Let the Dogs Out. DogCatRadio.com broadcasts in English and Spanish.
Are they targeting my pet now? So when I leave the radio on at home while I'm at school to keep my pet distracted so he doesn't tear up my apartment, am I going to come back to a crazed consumer who has been listening to super-sonic dog waves that make him want Snosages? Will they then segment the pet consumer market?!

Ford offering to pay for college

Ford spokeswoman Marcey Evans said Wednesday that the company began offering the tuition reimbursement program for the first time last week to idled workers at its plant in Edison, N.J., which closed in 2004. Ford also plans to offer the program to laid-off workers at a plant in Lorain, Ohio, which closed in December.
I think it's a brilliant idea. Dude, if Spin offered to pay for my tuition when they laid me off, I'd feel even better about leaving that place.