Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The heat is on!

Lisa, my little Chinese landlord, has finally gassed up the furnace and the heat is on. The radiators are clickity-clanking. Joy. I shall be cold no more.

Moving on.

Did you know that you can get postage stamps with your bootha on them? You can. Here.

Apparently b-school students are more likely to cheat than any other kind of student. Which, I can understand. GPAs may not matter in some professions but you can't be an i-banker with a 2.7.

Oh and yeah, you did read the BusinessWeek article about how Indians are the model immigrants? Hilarious. True but hilarious.

Apparently "the level of water consumption in the UAE is one of the highest in the world. According to statistics from Middle East Electricity 2006, the UAE consumes more water per capita than any country in the world with the exception of the US and Canada." Can't say I'm surprised. Plus we waste a lot too.

Ads from India

Are very funny.

Also, Wild Wadi uses RFID tags in their water park. Tres cool.

This next link is not work friendly. It's about Remington's Pussy Parade at Kontraband. Don't even dream about clicking on it at work. No, don't. I know you're consumed with curiosity but trust me, you'll be in deep deep trouble if you do. So go home and then click on it. It's ... well.. it's strange.

Now here's a good article

Stephen Corley does a good job of asking the questions we are all wondering about but don't dare to voice. Read it at ITP - The Costa Del Chaos: Dubai's Growing Pains.

This picture is of the Lighthouse building that's mentioned in the article. Here are the details about the scam.

Speaking of scams, isn't it interesting that "a US embassy that will be the largest in the world" is being built in Iraq? No really, why is this happening? Don't they see what's going on?

It's alive!

Wolfie! You're back! You're blogging! Has hell frozen over?

Shut up. I've been busy. But I never did forget about you chickie-poos.

Sitting at Starbucks quite warm and cosy (but my feet are still cold) on this gloomy rainy day and I figured I may as well attend to the 95 emails in my inbox. Yes, 95. In the inbox, that's right. That means they haven't been read. Because, you know, I read them first and then I file them away. This way it creates a sense of urgency in me to read my email. Which, as the 95 lonely unattended items will attest to, doesn't happen very often. Stop gasping in horror. Oh yes, I know you are. Imagine the travesty, you're saying to yourselves. She doesn't read her email everyday. Nope, I don't. Deal with it. There's more to life than email. Thank you Mr. de Veer.

So back to business shall we?

P.S. What the hell is this Fusion Band business all about? Crap mostly, if you ask me. When will people realize that just by playing Da-rude-boy in the background of their tinny voices whining about their women leaving them or rain or something trivial of that sort does not qualify them to be a fusion band.

Consumer-generated content

Ok, will someone please explain this to me? Why is consumer-generate content so hot these days? Consumers are, mostly, morons. This we all know. This is why we have marketers and psychologists. It is for this exact reason that those two professions (among many others like the person who's job it is to write directions on toothpick boxes) exist. So then why, suddenly and for no apparent reason, are we all going ga-ga over content created by these very same idiots? Adrants expresses my concern about this topic brilliantly -

With nothing better to do on a Saturday afternoon, we decided to follow a link under a really crappy Jeep spoof commercial on YouTube to morbeck's Biggest Video Response Chain Ever thing. We sometimes lead a very sheltered and quarantined life here in the Adrants high rise because, well, we're just too busy finding trivial advertisms and time wasters for you to enjoy so, we end up spending 24/7 trolling the Internet for crap like this that makes you wonder why the human race has nothing better to do that act like an idiot in front of a webcam. Oh wait. Sorry, I mean join the social ecocosm, and pump out paradigm-shifting consumer-generated media which, according to A-list bloggers, is transforming the world and causing marketers to drool uncontrollably like a male ad slut watching a Flirt Vodka ad.

Anyway, this guy who's a girl who's a guy who's a girl or whatever started this Biggest Video Response Chain Ever (who also did a Hottest of Youtube 2006 Contest) and it seems thousands of people with no life...uh...people who are adopting the new social methods of communication have responded from cute college girls to a girl pretending to be Christina Aguilera in her car, a girl who wrote a song about why she won't show her boobs on YouTube to a rabbit who plays with a stuffed animal to this dude who eats breakfast while adding his bit to the Chain to this pointless waste of 35 seconds.

Fuck. We want our Saturday afternoon back. Oh, and confirming the human race is surely destined to destroy itself and has no right calling itself a superior race, we find this despicable display of idiotic schoolyard behavior and rabid fan support for it.
Fuck 'em all I say. Show me one single piece of consumer-generated "content" and I will show you people who don't have anything better to do with their time being watched by people who are too stupid to know any better. Next wave of advertising my ass.

Friday, October 06, 2006

The Hyundai robots

Check out the very cool spot with advanced CGI for the new Hyundai Santa Fe. I believe The Richards Group made it.

I had a small nervous breakdown yesterday

Which involved me bursting into tears at periodic intervals in public surroundings. I will not blog about it so don't ask me to. I just thought you might want to know that it would be a good idea to pussyfoot around Wolfe for a few days. She's a little fragile.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006