Friday, January 25, 2008

"Clicks have doubled to 250 from 0 in 3 months"

I'm liking the beach. I learned how to make a sand sculpture from professional sand sculpturers. Who knew that there was such a profession. There has been some long boring sessions. Lots of mojitos. Some frolicking on the beach. Lots of drinking by the beach. Lots of chit chat. Plenty of networking. Some laughs. Some loneliness. And more mojitos.

Sadly leaving early tomorrow afternoon. Would have been nice to stay here the entire weekend. Nice to wake up to sounds of waves.

Should come back to Clearwater and Sand Key. It's really nice here.

Yes, in case you were wondering, I am in Florida.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Back from Dubai

So like, Black Cobra is married. I thought you might like to know. The wedding was fun. Lots of work. Poor feet were quite dead from it. But it went over well. Ish. She's in Hawaii now. Being married and all. I'm back in Boston.

Yes, I know I should give details but just thinking about it tires me out.

I'll post pictures when they're out. Meanwhile, happy Sunday.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

If there ever was a reason to join a gym

I hate running. This is because I have bad feet. I especially hate running with 6 lbs on my back along the entire bloody length of Terminal 4 with snarky British Airways useless staff gleefully revelling in the fact that I'm going to miss my connecting flight and be stuck in stupid London for god knows how long when alls I want to do is be home in my bed in Boston getting my rest on ready for work at the crack of bleedin' dawn tomorrow.

Can I just say, British Airways staff are the most useless I've ever met. Yes, they're worse than Delta. Now you may ask how is it that ANYBODY could be worse than Delta but let me assure you - BA is worse than Delta. Makes Delta seem almost Swiss-like in comparison. They won't let you off the plane first, won't get you one of those nifty beeping golf carts, won't let you get through security first and definitely won't let you go ahead in line at the transfers desk. Well, it's not as much as they won't let you but they won't do anything to help you. They shrug their shoulders and say non-committal inane things like, 'it's a bit optimistic... I wouldn't count on it'. That has got to be the most unhelpful things to say.

Anwyay. My feet hurt now. Terminal 4 is very long. Explain again why do I have to get off one flight and then go through security again to get on another flight? Why is there no tunnel from the gates to other gates? How much of a cut is BA getting from duty free shopping for this?

Also must stop travelling with 4 lb laptop and 3 lbs of gold. Yes, you heard me. 3 lbs of gold. Blast you Black Cobra. Should've just melted it down into one gold ingot and buried it in the back yard like sensible people do. Not to mention the fact that I have to now go home and painfully separate and categorize and fit it nicely into individual containers.

They better not lose my bags.

Anyway. Black Cobra, you may or may not like to know, is now married. She even looks married. There is a distinct married-like quality about her. She's in Hong Kong now and has sent me a very nice long email but since Terminal 4, gate 22 has no bleedin' wireless signal, I will have to read it (and post this post) when I get home. Prolly won't happen till tomorrow morning seeing as I still have to pick up a rental car and won't get home until past midnight. Don't hold your breath.

They're calling my flight now. Oi, my knees have locked. Can I just say, there have been 3 bloody beeping golf carts laden with people who look perfectly capable of walking that have arrived at gate 22. Who do you have to sleep with to get a beeping cart at Heathrow?!