Thursday, December 20, 2007

I fought the gold canopy and I won

You will be pleased to learn that I actually did, on the way back home, get stuck in traffic to drive to the airport to pick up another car which is indeed much nicer and has essential things like fog lamps and functioning wipers. There's your lesson for the day - don't rent from dinky rental shops. The airport has a lot more cars.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

It's true

So like, I got a flat tire today. This may have been because I drove over a chunk of ice that was masquerading as a harmless chunk of ice but in fact was concealing some tire death in its shiny grip. The 'check tire pressure' light went on in the dashboard and I went on the freeway. Before you yell at me for driving on the freeway with a bum tire, let me remind you that there is no place to pull over on Storrow Drive and that there is a greater chance of being found by a patrol car on the freeway. Which is wot happened about 3 seconds after I pulled over to the side on the freeway. The cop graciously told me I had a flat. It took all my self-control to keep a straight face. He called me a tow truck. It took me 8 minutes to get into the cab of the tow truck. The tow truck man nicely changed my tire (thank you MassPike Authorities). Moira from Hertz nicely directed me to the nearest Hertz location where there was a nice red car waiting for me. Sadly it does not have power windows or locks as requested but it's only for a week and I guess I can live with that.

So I now have confirmation that my tax dollars are indeed at work and that having Gold status means nothing at Hertz.

Traffic blues

So like, when you're driving down the freeway and traffic is moving at approximately 2 inches per minute do you also look in the rear view mirror and start thinking about the chap in the car behind you?

You know, think about where they're going, where've they been, wot they had for lunch, how cute they look in that Christmas sweater, who they're talking to on their cell phone, wot are they thinking about you, how romantic it is that you two (and about 80 thousand other people) are stranded on this freeway and the moon is shining off the snow, why they're still talking on their cell phone when they should be gazing into our eyes via the rear view mirror too, how fickle men can be, how to best primp your hair and apply emergency makeup to appear more attractive in the rear view mirror, wot the best song is to sing so the mouthing of the words will prompt him to reciprocate and soon you'll both be singing the same song listening to the same radio station, why he's still talking on that cell phone, who's he cheating on you with on the cell phone and why does she make him laugh like that, why he's startled that you've started to back up slowly with a maniacal gleam in your eye, why he's changing lanes in the middle of a traffic jam, wondering if it's because you made threatening gestures at his tires, singing sad songs on the radio and deliberately not looking at him in the side-view mirror... you know, that general sort of thing.

You don't? Yeah, erm.. me neither.

Monday, December 10, 2007

When in doubt, order a sammich

Tuna salad
Ceasar salad
Seasoned croutons
Pasta salad

This, while tasty individually, is an awful combination of things to eat at the same time. Especially for lunch.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Here's a novel idea

David Droga, the creative big and founder of the start-up Droga5, is working with the New York City Department of Education to solve the age-old problem of students viewing academic achievement as uncool or irrelevant. The program skips the lectures and public-service announcements and instead involves giving away to each student free mobile phones packed with learning tools such as a thesaurus, spell checks and an extra-help tip line. The more a student uses these learning applications, the more rewards -- discounts for movies, sneakers, clothes and music downloads, as well as air-time minutes and text messages -- are unlocked.

AMEInfo reports

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have bought Ethiopia off the coast of Dubai in Nakheel's 'The World' development, according to UAE-based web site Ahlanlive. The couple intend to use their home as an eco-development. No price tag was given for the island, which are reported to be fetching up to $50m.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Khelo te tashan naal

I'm stealing desi ads from Resh. But they're just so funny.

That has got to be the best tagline I've ever heard.

Sometimes I like to post things just so I know they'll be here when I want to reference them later