Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Black Cobra Hello gets married in January

I thought you might want to know.

NetSuck Gala and other things

Oh, yes, I forgot to tell you, I went to the Annual NetSAP Gala thingy at the Omni Parker House. Now the Omni Parker House is supposed to be this wonderful historic place but in the mad rush to get there and endlessly circling around and around the damn place, we forgot to notice. See wot happened was that Em was busy working and didn't finish until late and I was lifting weights and wasn't really that keen on going so we ended up leaving late and then went to his place so he could get into his shiny kurta and got lost a few times and by the time we got there it was past 9 and the comedy show was over. On the bright side, the speeches and prize-givings was also over so it sort of worked out in the end.

There were an inordinate number of shiny women there.

All the smart women were busy dancing in a circle to make conversation (their mustaches were intimidating anyway) and all the twits were too shiny and giggly to make conversation with which meant that Em and Champion spend most of the time stupidly grinning at me. Most of the men were too short and by default don't speak to heavyset wimmen especially when they're busy being ADD-ed with all the shiny women around so while I tried to speak to random chaps and make friends, I spent most of the time glaring at Em and Champion. That combined with the fact that I was driving meant no booze and definitely no fun for Wolfie. Then they all pottered off to some bar and I inisited on going home. Which was a good move on my part because I got a lot of work done. I cleaned up and put the laundry away and ironed clothes and wotnot. Em staggered back home at 3 am and I was all set to take him to Ihop but he looked too grumpy.

The next weekend we then proceeded to have a fight over silly things which led to lots of crying and shouting followed by some sort of psychological breakthrough on my part and swollen eyes the next morning. All in all, a regular day's work.

And now again Thanksgiving is upon us. I shall try not to think about all the work I have to do this weekend and instead get a pedicure (and a manicure), go get fitted for shoe inserts at the doctors', buy new running sneakers, run, meet Shah for dinner and watch Darjeeling Ltd.

The fun is upon us! I can smell it!

Dubai Real Estate Ad Takes Record For Biggest Outdoor Ad Ever

It kind of makes sense that a country that can afford to put snow in the desert is now also hosting the largest ad ever. The spot is for Sorough Real Estate and covers over 20,000 square meters (the size of more than two soccer pitches).

Bollywood mash-ups