Friday, July 28, 2006

I got the soundtrack

I'm so pipped.

This album rocks.

I'm in the wrong profession.

I need to be an actor.


Yes, yes, I know, I forgot to tell you that Black Cobra's car was broken into and her purse was stolen and then last week my purse was stolen and we went to Niagara Falls and I shall post pictures soon.

I'm too lazy to blog.

I want to see Miami Vice so bad it hurts. BTW, the soundtrack is kick-ass.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Overheard at the watercooler

"Nothing's backed up. Well, the Internet is backed up but nothing else is."

Said by a Production Manager mind you. Who is this 35-yr old woman who has a baby voice. It is SO annoying.

She just asked me what does VPN stand for. Sigh.

Friday, July 21, 2006

I should get me one of these

My Big Mac is bigger than your Big Mac

Following its recent "Not bad for a McJob" campaign, McDonald's UK, to coincide with this Summer's World Cup, will introduce, for a limited time, the new Bigger Big Mac which will be 40 percent bigger than the current Big Mac. The current Big Mac already has 560 calories and more fat than you'd ever want to consume. But hey, as we've always said, no one's forcing the food down anyone's throat so if a big ass burger works from a marketing angle, go for it.
Read more here.

My purse was stolen yesterday

Right from under my nose.

Now I'm pissed.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

I am very disturbed.

So like, they've retained the services of two sets of freelancers to make these maps for the conference map room. And I just saw the first one. Israel is missing, Libya is not marked and neither is Iran or Iraq.

And they call themselves professionals. Ugly Americans. No finesse. No aching for quality work. Where are the interactive media companies that actually want to do a good job and why the hell don't I work for one?!


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I don't get it

So like, this image of mi casa shows no parking lot. But then this other image shows Emirates Towers. I'm pretty sure the parking lot was built before the Towers. Wot gives?

103F in Boston today. Damn.

There were little pieces of blue glass all over the seat

It was pretty. Pretty frightening too.

So like, I went to NYC this last weekend to help set up BC's pad for the parents were arriving from their Scandinavian cruise (I now have a very cool Russian wrap with tassels and a lovely orange and black kurta from Dubai). And we huffed and puffed in the terrible heat (100F it was) and we tore boxes apart and we swept packing peanuts and we did 13 loads of laundry. Then we went to the airport and promptly got lost on the way.

But it was nice to see them. They've got swollen feet, poor things, from all that travelling.

I was all set to leave on Sunday and get back to Boston. But then as we were headed towards the car to drive me to the subway station, we saw him.

There he was. Big, black and a menance to society. Breaking the passenger side window of BC's car. Grabbing the lovely doctor's bag. She was running towards him. I was running towards the getaway car. Which nearly ran me over in its hurry to get away.

Here's a tip. DON'T EVER DO THAT. They could shoot you with guns and then where will you be?

The cops came. The cops went. We put the car in a secure lot and tottled back home. Poor BC was very upset. They took her Palm Pilot you know.

Dad woke me up at 4:30 am by shoving a bowl with cubes of Kraft cheddar cheese (yes, the kind you get in the tins in Dubai) under my nose. I'll bet you he wasn't hungry, he just wanted the tin to use as an ashtray. I unpacked 4 suitcases and repacked them. BC went to work and came home and we went to the police precinct and got the latest on this senseless crime. The getaway car was stolen.

Went to Sears and got an air conditioner because the parents were literally melting away (there were little pools at their feet). Got lots of groceries too. No, not at Sears, at the ShopRite. Installed the A/C. Ate an aloo. Got on the subway to get to the bus stop to get home. Crawled into my own bed at 1:30 am and couldn't sleep so was playing with Google Earth.

I can't find MIT on Google Earth. I found the Greens and most of KMC but I can't find MIT.

I did find lots of places in Dubai. You know, it's a fun thing to do, look for familiar places on Google Earth. Did you know that Sh. Rashid building, Zabeel Road is not rectangular? No, it's trapezoidal.

Finally got to sleep at 5 am. Have a vague feeling that Dad called at 7 but can't be sure. Had terrible dreams of ... something.. can't remember wot now. Eating bread and cheese and working from home because I'm exhausted.

BC is doing better. Could have been worse. We need to get her a secure parking spot in that building. Poor thing. She is quite small you know.

It's hotter than I've ever experienced. And I'm from the desert, I know hot. I shall get me an A/C too. If I can find the energy to get out of bed. Took a cold shower at 9 but it didn't work for long.

Oh look. Dad's on MSN.

Friday, July 14, 2006

New Creative Director at work

And I just met him. And he totally creeps me out. He has an evil smile.

Yes, yes, I know, he's prolly perfectly harmless and a very nice man but still. He creeps me out.

Going to the Cambridge Center for the Arts to see Nat Simpkins and Henri Smith in action. Maybe do a late night movie after that. I've got Pirates of the Caribbean thefirstone.

Resh, send me that template. I'm all ready for it.

Spent the day designing requirements for the kiosks and entryway screens for the ASF. Found these really cool ones with infra-red sensors, proximity sensors, proximity mats, built-in thermal printers and overheard screens. On Zabeel Road too. Isn't that odd.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Suspicious daywalker activity

Have you seen Underworld Evolution? Can you tell me why suddenly at the end of the movie Selene turns into a daywalker? She is not burnt to a mrs-vickies-salt-and-pepper crisp in the morning sunlight. Why is this? What happened between having mad passionate monkey sex in an abandoned shipping container and spiking William's head with his own claw that made her all Blade-ish?

Explain! I demand to know! I take my vampires very seriously I'll have you know.

Flight tracking

So like if you wanted to know, say, which are the flights coming from Dallas Fort Worth to Boston's Logan you would have to go to the DFW website to see which ones are headed to Boston and then you would have to go to the MassPort website to see which ones arrive from Dallas because guess wot? There is no way of telling on either website both the arrival and departure times of a particular flight.

Daft bastards.

Monday, July 10, 2006

I need to stop grinding my teeth

Says the nice Persian doctor who filled my cavity.

Is it me or does the new Dove Refresh shower soap ad music sound like something Rishi Rich would do?

I shall now watch Underworld.

"The English Divide"

I have always believed that my school and college years were the first architects of my personality; like every middle-class Indian, I take pride in where I studied and what I was taught. And yet, the gentle idealism of this young girl made me pause to wonder: Had my public-school education been shamefully elitist?
Read it here.

You know they do background checks on incoming students in Delhi to enter kindergarten. To make sure they come from the 'right' families. Makes me ill it does. And then you people ask me why I don't want to live in India. Bah.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

The emergency mocha

Is the sole reason for my composite filling eroding. Now I have to go get my molar looked at. I hate going to the dentist.

But it tastes so good.

Can you tell I don't want to work today? It would be nice if I had a friend to meet for lunch. Something to look forward to.

Good morning good morning good morning how are you?

So like, I've nearly finished making the necklace I started working on last night. Just one middle piece left. Thing is that the middle piece I want in there is a long one so I can't use a small ring to attach it to the links of the chain like the other pieces. Think I may have to do something nifty with a headpin. Which means another trip to the bead store. And this morning in the shower I had a lovely idea for matching earrings too. Maybe I'll try and finish them today so I can give them to Black Cobra when I go down to NYC this weekend.

Actually, they're too nice. I may just keep them for myself. :)

So like, my laptop died suddenly last night and checkdisk keeps hanging. Very worrying.

It's rainy and I'm hungry for breakfast.

The office is pretty dead. Half of them are on vacation. The other half are on a conference call with each other. Which is odd. Because everybody's cubby is right next to everybody elses.

I don't have a cubby. Which is fine by me. I abhor cubbies. I may go sneaking around to the Midpoint to stare out the window at the rain whilst pretending to work on functional specs.

Ooo, I could do with a bagel or something. Where shall we go for lunch today? Pick one for me.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Click. You know you want to.

Go ahead.  Click.

NASA is a go for launch

Yes, it is. Crack in insulation notwithstanding. It's on its way. Watch the cam here.

Italy and Germany in Dortmund. Wimbledon on at the same time. Just ate a Dole fruit cup. All the fruits were square. Very interesting.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Holy Roma!

So like, Albert Pinto (who I must add is looking bloody good) went to Rome with la familia and took lots of lovely pictures. See them all here.

Explain this to me - in the land of geeks, how come I don't know any good-looking ones?!

P.P. Belkovich

So like the move to NY went fine. Very tiring but fine. Have 18 bruises and an achy left wrist and some sort of a strange cold but other than that, am fine. Black Cobra is fine. The new apartment is fine. It's all fine. I shall post pictures of the move just as soon as BC sends them to me.

So like, it's hot in Boston. Hot and limpid. Like a noodle. Not much work to do. Read that as not much income coming in. Still, there it is.

I like Don't you?

You can just hear the model on the right in this United Bennetton ad screaming to the model on the left during the photo shoot, "Back off bitch! My boobs need more space than your sorry little boy chest!" Or at least that's what we hear in our sick, twisted mind.
I especially like how this has been tagged 'boobs' on Flickr. Nice.